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Guangdong Shuobao New Energy Co., Ltd focuses on the technical research and development, promotion and application of photovoltaic energy storage systems and equipment. It integrates the research, development, manufacturing, sales, service, and recycling of photovoltaic energy storage products into a complete industrial chain, covering application fields such as power grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and household energy storage.

The company’s products are designed to solve the grid connected and off grid applications of solar power generation, and support customized technical solutions and services, as well as operation and maintenance. The main products include solar photovoltaic panels, grid connected and off grid inverters, distribution cabinets, large energy storage cabinets, household green light storage, mobile power supplies, etc.

Shuobao New Energy always insists on providing customers with safe and reliable battery energy storage systems, promoting global low-carbon energy transformation, and working together towards a clean and sustainable future

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